Caitlin Tabancay Austin

Caitlin Tabancay Austin ​(soprano) grew up in Berkeley, California. She recently composed and performed music for an experimental adaptation of The Maids with Theater Mundi. Austin has performed with ensembles throughout the bay area including Volti, Cappella SF, Ramon and Jessica, Euouae, AVE, and SF Choral Artists. She has studied and practiced Gregorian chant and early polyphony with Sven Olbash. In 2015 she traveled to the Republic of Georgia to learn Georgian and Mingrelian songs from Nato Zumbadze. As a regular member of Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble (2008-2016), Austin worked with master artists including Mariana Sadovska, Svetlana Spajic, Hasmik Harutyunyan, Trio Kavkasia, Meredith Monk, and Eric Banks. She premiered works commissioned by Kitka including Banks’ I Will Remember Everything, Janet Kutulas’ Iron Shoes, and Sadovska’s Singing Through Darkness; she directed select programs and led public workshops including The Lab and The Berkeley Chorus. At UCLA (2007) Austin studied Bulgarian folk singing with renowned performer and choir director Tzvetanka Varimezova. She grew up singing with the San Francisco Girls Chorus. Austin currently plays in Iron Henry and the Austin-Tabancay Family Band. She studies and practices massage therapy at McKinnon Body Therapy Center. She holds a BA in Music History from UCLA.